The meeting was arranged to discuss the current needs of the hospital, and the best ways the Auxiliary could help fund some of these needs. For information purposes, Jean provided Jess with a list of all the items the Auxiliary has bought during the last 45 years.

Jess explained that items costing over $5,000 need to go through an extensive approval process via Island Health, which usually takes about two years from first applying (this is the case no matter who is funding the item). The hospital needs to provide risk assessment and budget analysis, etc. Jess did note that extenuating circumstances may apply when expensive items can be fast-tracked, such as an urgent and serious infectious outbreak (past example Ebola).

Island Health prioritize all such purchase requests submitted to them (i.e. from all the hospitals). Some requests are kept on the list for further scrutiny, other items may “fall off the list”. Infrastructure, such as generators, is always the first priority.

However if an item costs under $5,000 no approval is needed to purchase the item. (Multiple items can be purchased at the same time only if the total is under $5,000 no matter how small the cost of each item).

Jean emphasized that we are able to write cheques instantly and this may be the area in which the Auxiliary can offer the best funding assistance (ie less expensive items under $5,000 needed quickly).

Specific items on the hospital wish list were not discussed in too much detail, as it was more a primary discussion on the method of funding.

However the following were mentioned by Jess and Carolyn:
• More commodes for ER – one per patient per visit is needed for infection control – these are under $5,000 each;
• More mattress covers – costing approximately $1,000 each – which wear out quickly due to the necessary heavy cleaning (the mattresses which they protect cost $10,000 each).

Ideas mentioned from the Auxiliary were:
• More Sara Stedy lifts;
• A redo of the acute care staff room which is very neglected. There was discussion of the possible new furniture which needs to be wipe-clean as per hospital regulations. Jean will liaise with a volunteer from the ward staff to question what they would like to see in their break room.

Jean Manville had also quickly talked with the lab about their wish list which we mentioned:
• Screening curtains;
• An electronic patient numbering system (a “JX Board”) to call patients in turn;
• New centrifuge – the old one is heating up;
• Also new signage, flooring, cabinet, recliner.

Jess suggested communication meetings perhaps every 2 months, for everyone to keep in touch, next time including a tour of the whole site to show us the space constraints.

In discussion after the meeting, another idea floated was a coffee machine for the ER waiting area: currently there are no hot drinks available in the hospital when both the cafeteria and the gift shop are closed, which happens frequently.


Gift Shop Annual Meeting: Held at 1 pm, Thursday, 23rd May 2019 in Lecture Room at Saanich Peninsula Hospital.

Introduction: The meeting commenced with 20 members present. The volunteers introduced themselves, who they worked with and the days they worked.

Treasurer: Linda Snelling reminded members to refer to the recently updated white binder when necessary. She asked that care be taken when filling out the cash envelope. The amount of money inside be the same as the amount written on the outside. Ensure $100 float is left in the till for the next shift and place all remaining cash (regardless of what the printed till receipt shows) inside the designated shop envelope. Also, if required, to have the customer sign the credit slip (this occurs on first usage of a credit card and, on occasion, when the buyer is from outside BC). When making a void entry on the till, please put the void receipts in the envelope with the other print outs.

Spare List: Each member received an up to date list. Extra copies have been left in the staff room.

Crafty Crew: Gwen Cutt introduced the new scubbies for sale in the gift shop. She thanked members for replacing C.C. goods when sold. She reminded members that if they had any suggestions for new items, that they be added to their page in the “Needs” Binder, which is regularly checked. Concerning donations, where possible, the name and phone number of the donor be written down and attached to the items, so a thank you call can be made. Large amounts should be taken to the library room in order to keep the staff room clutter free and prevent notes attached to bags from becoming dislodged. C.C. members will then take out a number of items to see if they are suitable to sell in the shop. Remaining donations will be stored, pending how they sell and, with the approval of the donor, passed onto other charities.

Exchanges/Refunds. No change to the current policy, which is detailed in the white binder and on the staff notice board.

Display/Raffles: Lorna Meikle continues to maintain the display cases. Please replace like for like, and try not to “over’” display. It was suggested that a larger sign be placed in the display case to say that items could be purchased at the gift shop. Donna Salter will make the sign.
Tickets for raffle baskets will now be on sale, in the shop, two weeks in advance of the draw date. The baskets will be displayed on a small table that can be placed outside the shop during open hours.

Other Business: On stat. holidays the shop will remain open from 2 to 4 p.m. The exceptions being Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. A sign will be placed in Emergency giving info about the shop hours and holiday closures.

A request was made that the “Hold Item” form be completed correctly. No put-away date is being shown therefore volunteers are unable to check how long items have been there. Also, where possible, show a “pick up” date.

Thanks where made for those attending and the meeting adjourned at 2 p.m.

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