Executive Members present:     Pauline Dance; Iris Fowler; Kathy Carter; Janie Scott; Donna Salter; Anni Jakubowski; Ruth Scott; Ann Mitchell; Veronica Cross. President Jean Van Wyk was absent due to illness.

Acting President Pauline Dance called the meeting to order at 10.00 and read the prayer. The minutes of the last general meeting in June were approved as correct, moved by Ruth Scott, seconded by Kathy Carter.


The Auxiliary received appreciative thank-you notes, signed by all staff, from both the ER and OR departments.  All the items that were approved for purchase for these areas at the June General Meeting arrived during the summer to the delight of the staff.  We are still waiting for the invoices to come in, they will be forwarded to the Auxiliary through SPH administration.


President Jean Van Wyk – The President’s report was read by Acting President Pauline Dance.  President Jean was sorry to miss the meeting today and thanked Pauline for stepping up, adding that being involved defines our worthwhile group.  She asked that we all introduce ourselves to any new members. There was news on two previous members, Sylvia Moyer and Audrey Wainwright, who may be known to some older members.  Jean congratulated all the raffle team on their outstanding ticket sales this summer.

1st Vice President Iris Fowler – No report.

2nd Vice President Jean Manville – No report.

Treasurer Kathy Carter – Kathy provided full details of our financial situation in her report. 

          AS OF AUGUST 31, 2019: The chequing account balance, including two uncleared cheques, is $184,689.70.        The gaming account balance is $8,267.02.  The high interest savings balance is $37,045.65. The current Auxilliary balance is $230,469.96.  After designated funds remaining ($81,453.97) the Auxiliary balance is $149,015.99. Kathy reported that it was a fairly quiet summer for cheques.  The cheque for the June lunch has still not been cleared – for reasons unknown – it has been voided and a new cheque sent.  The money from all the raffle ticket sales over the summer has been added to our funds.  Please note, starting with these minutes, the treasurer’s full report will be distributed electronically with all General Meeting minutes.


Crafty Crew – Deputy Convenor Ruth Scott

Ruth reported that Crafty Crew continued to meet through July and August continuing their work for Christmas sales. Items worth $3,550 were donated to the gift shop, with sales of $1,766. The advances for buying supplies are much appreciated, and a second advance of $300 has been given to Crafty Crew.  Ruth mentioned the increasing cost of supplies. The hospital gift shop in Ladysmith was unfortunately vandalized recently and their stock ruined.  Two boxes of handcrafted items were donated, and delivered, to Ladysmith by Crafty Crew to enable them to get their shop re-stocked again.  Ruth read out a very heartfelt thank-you note, received by email, thanking Crafty Crew for the lovely items.

Gift Shop – Deputy Convenor Linda Thomson

Report by Convenor Pauline Dance, read by Linda: Our shop volunteers have been updated over the summer break, via our monthly newsletter. For those of you sane enough not to take on shop duties, June sales were just over $14,000, July came in over $12,500 with August at $12,380; the Auxiliary received $20,000 from our Gift Shop. Big thank you once again to everyone who dragged themselves away from the sunshine in order to work their shifts in our miniature greenhouse! Recent recruits, Sandy McKelvie and Denise King, are currently training.  Joan Nicholls and Margaret Taylor have hung up their tunics for a well deserved rest and Sue Hayes is back on our roster, as her move up island is delayed until next year. Two brand new volunteers, John Daniel and Lynda Bowd will be joining our ranks in the coming months. Welcome one and all. Due to the recent changes an updated Spare List has been sent out, with copies now in the shop staff-room. The Vancouver Trade show is upon us and Nancy McDuffe, Linda Thomson and I will be travelling over on Sunday, 15th September.  The search for a Deputy Shop Convener is still on, but we have a new member show some interest. Otherwise, it is business as usual.  Summer sales have begun, with the Fall and Winter stock arriving as we speak.  You know the drill, buy it when you see it otherwise it won’t be there next time you visit. Our lovely, fast wi-fi credit machine is awaiting your arrival.

Membership – Convenor Ann Mitchell

Ann reported that we now have 112 Auxiliary members.  New members Lynda Bowd and John Daniel will be starting training to join the Gift Shop crew. There were 38 members present at the meeting today, including brand new member Karen Ronnenkamp.

Parliamentarian – position vacant – No report.

Public Relations, Publicity and Nominations – Convenor Donna Salter – Donna has been busy preparing advertisements for our big Christmas Bazaar.  These will appear in all five area community newspapers (such as the Peninsula News); the Times-Colonist; and the annual Times-Colonist Craft Fair flyer. The name of the winner of our early-bird August 30 draw for the $500 will be published in the Peninsula News. Donna has prepared a small hand-out Christmas Bazaar pamphlet with a Fall calendar of events on the reverse side, and asked members to please pass these out to friends and family.  They will also be distributed in Sidney and from the Gift Shop. Donna will be running the Silent Auction at the bazaar this year, and asked for everyone to think about requesting significant donations if you have any business contacts.  Varied prizes attract more notice and generate more funds. Island Health are publishing a piece about our Auxiliary in their employee newsletter.  It is a very informative article and will include two photos – the Crafty Crew and the Raffle Team.

Ways and Means – Convenor Janie Scott

Janie has been assisting Iris with organizing the raffle ticket sales, and thanked Iris for introducing shorter selling shifts this year – this has resulted in sellers being less tired and seems to have increased sales. All members are asked to help at the Christmas Bazaar.   The 2019 dates at the Mary Winspear Centre are confirmed: THE ACTUAL SALE IS 9 AM TO 1 PM.

          SET UP DAY           FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15TH                    8 AM TO 5 PM

          SALE DAY              SATURDAY NOVEMBER 16th                 8 AM TO 2 PM

(All convenors please arrive at 8 am both days.  The convenors may advise their helpers when to arrive.  If you are bringing any items to the sale, please bring them on the Friday if possible, or right at 8 am on the Saturday.  The aim is to be priced and set up by the end of Friday.)

Janie also requested ideas for donations and to think about larger businesses as well as the smaller ones.  Gwen Cutt and Iris Fowler have been gathering gifts for the Silent Auction and the Gift Baskets.  The Auxiliary will be selling raffle tickets for the Gift Baskets at the Touch of Saltspring Christmas event.  The event will be held at the Saanich Fairgrounds on December 6, 7 and 8. Please remember that Thrifty’s Smile Cards are a good fundraiser for us.  Some new cards have been ordered and will be arriving soon.  (Cards may be pre-loaded with any amount and a percentage is donated to the Auxiliary when the cards are used). Janie also mentioned many items that are popular on the bake table: cookies, tea loaves, gingerbread, squares, carrot cakes and especially butter tarts!  Fruit or Christmas cake is always popular (the Wholesale Club in Esquimalt has economical bulk baking supplies).  Canning is also sold on the bake table – relishes, chutneys, pickles, jams, jellies and marmalade.  All members are invited to make whatever they can!

Raffle Ticket Sales – Convenor Iris Fowler

Iris reported that 1,656 books of tickets were sold over the last two months, for a total of $8,280 plus $249.65 in donations. There are now less than 300 books left to sell.  Iris and helpers will be selling at Thrifty’s tomorrow Sept 11.  Almost certainly there will be no main raffle tickets left to sell at the bazaar, which will enable the focus to be on the gift baskets.   Alison Ptolemy of Sidney was the winner of our $500. We have received donations of another doll house, and a model horse collection.  The doll house and a quilt from Gwen Cutt will be used at the Touch of Saltspring.  The model horse collection may go into the silent auction.


45th Anniversary Pins were handed out to a few members who missed receiving one in June at the Spring Lunch. The old bus, with our logo on it, has gone to Oak Bay Lodge and they are very pleased with it.  The Island Health transport manager has promised us a cube van and two guys to load, transport and unload.


New equipment wish-lists have arrived from ECU; Acute Care South & PCU; and the OR.  Acting President Pauline put the following items to the membership for approval for funding:


          40 OVERHEAD LIFT SLINGS at $404 each – Proposed by Janie Scott; seconded by Nancy McDuffe – APPROVED.


          10 CHAIR PADS/ALARMS WITH TRANSFER BELTS total $1797.84- Proposed by Donna Salter; seconded by Linda Thomson – APPROVED.

          10 COMMODES total $1881 – Proposed by Iris Fowler; seconded by Brenda Mactier – APPROVED.

          1 CHAIR SCALE total $1955 – Proposed by Nancy McDuffe; seconded by Linda Thomson – APPROVED.

          INTERACTIVE PETS FOR DEMENTIA PATIENTS – 1 CAT at $125; 1 DOG at $152 – Proposed by Sally Reed; seconded by Lorna Meikle – APPROVED.

          1 BLANKET WARMER CABINET at $7716 – Proposed by Ruth Scott; seconded by Louise Jones – APPROVED.

          8 TEMPORAL THERMOMETERS at $575 each – Proposed by Nancy McDuffe; seconded by Janie Scott – APPROVED.

          23 VIGIL SYSTEMS FOR STAFF/PATIENT SAFETY & VIOLENCE PROTECTION at $109 each – Proposed by Ann Mitchell; seconded by Betty Ready – APPROVED.

          1 INTERACTIVE WALL UNIT FOR DEMENTIA PATIENTS at $8286.53 – Proposed by Donna Salter; seconded by Linda Thomson – APPROVED – This item is called ABBY and operates by touch. It contains different locations, languages, musical eras, pet activities, etc.  It aims to catch the attention of dementia patients and calm them – The maintenance costs of $250/year are to be billed separately. – The company name is Ambient Activities Technologies and the website address is 

          1 TV FOR THE PATIENT LOUNGE: a price was not quoted but it was decided a basic tv was within a reasonable cost –   Proposed by Janie Scott; seconded by Marjorie Johnston – APPROVED.


          3 REVERSE POST 30-DEGREE SINOSCOPES at $3890 each – Proposed by Janie Scott; seconded by Iris Fowler –         APPROVED.

          2 KOVEN DOPPLER PENCILS at $595 each – roposed by Nancy McDuffe; seconded by Maureen Mills – APPROVED.

          3 WESTCOTT TENOTOMY SCISSORS at $646.14 each – Proposed by Betty Ready; seconded by Ann Mitchell – APPROVED.

          14 THREADED 5.5 ML TROCARS at $510 each – Proposed by Donna Salter; seconded by Patricia Stockdill –         APPROVED.

          NASAL SPECULUMS – 2 LARGE at $202 each & 2 MEDIUM AND 2 SMALL at $142 each – Proposed by Ruth Scott; seconded by Holly McKay – APPROVED.

          10 MAYO STRAIGHT SCISSORS at $43.48 each – Proposed by Nancy McDuffe; seconded by Linda Thomson –           APPROVED.

          5 BAYONETTE FORCEPS at $19.57 each – Proposed by Lorraine Jakimchuk; seconded by Liz Lebel – APPROVED.


Pauline confirmed she will be the convenor for the “Granny’s Attic” tables at the bazaar, and will need volunteers. Volunteers will also be needed for the Galley and other tables. The SPH Staff Appreciation BBQ will be held on Friday September 13 in the hospital parking lot from 11 am to 2 pm.  Auxiliary members are invited, and if attending, are asked to wear their tunics and ID badges. There are no flu shot clinic dates out yet. The mammography van shifts are completely covered – thank you to all volunteers. The mini bake and craft sale held at the hospital will be December 12 this year. Ted reminded us of the 50/50 draw and Pauline invited new member Karen Ronnenkamp to pull the winning ticket out of the basket.  Karen joked that she did not want to pull her own ticket, but she did in fact manage to do this!  The winnings were $35.10 and a big welcome to Karen.

Pauline adjourned the meeting at 11.14 am.

Shelagh’s Joke: The pious, but officious, employees who work in private health care should think twice before phrasing their demands for patient payment – Shelagh detailed a method which definitely backfired!

Note to New Members: after the end of the meeting Anni Jakubowski asked that a note be put in reminding new members who are going to work in the gift shop, that they will need to request a tunic to wear.  Please contact Anni about tunics.


New Members’ Tea:  These notes on the tea, held June 18, 2019, are recorded here as the event took place later in June and missed the June General Meeting minutes.  The tea was kindly hosted by Lorna Meikle at her house, and there were twenty members in attendance, including eleven new members.  The new members were Tillie Baines; Kay Napolitano; Claudia Turner; Carole Barker; Heather Lawton; Jeanette White; Sandy McKelvie; Judy MacFarlane; Gwen Cutt; Liz Lebel; Holly McKay. 

Donna asked everyone present to introduce themselves with a brief description of their work/life.  It was so interesting to learn things about the new members and also previously unknown things about some of the executive!  What an amazing array of skills and experiences are included within our membership – no wonder we can get things done!   This year sandwiches were served instead of cakes and squares, etc, and the sandwiches proved very popular.  An idea came out of this that in 2020 the “tea” might be arranged a little earlier in the day as a “lunch” which might prove more convenient for all.  This can be discussed in the new year.


Executive members present:         Pauline Dance; Donna Salter; Janie Scott; Ruth Scott; Veronica Cross.

Acting President Pauline Dance, for President Jean Van Wyk who was absent, called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m. pauline confirmed that the rest of the executive members were at All Care helping to set up the anniversary lunch.

Pauline read out the President’s report that was received by email from Jean.  Jean had thanks for the members who helped out at the funeral for Dale Buckle’s son; the kind expressions of sympathy about Jean’s sister Violet; and for Pauline for stepping up today.  Jean will continue to send out the auxiliary cards until Dale is back.

Two positions are needing to be filled: a second to help Donna Salter, recovering from health problems, with Publicity/ Public Relations; and a second to work with Nancy McDuffe when she takes over the gift shop. 

The new members’ tea will be held Tuesday June 18 at Lorna Meikle’s house.  Attendees are encouraged to remember their name tags.

1st Vice President – Iris Fowler was busy at All Care, so her report was read by Janie Scott.  Iris has the raffle tickets stapled into books of three, all ready to go for sales over the summer.  Selling will commence Friday June 21. Iris proposes to split the raffle-ticket-selling shifts into two, to make it easier for volunteers.  The shifts will now be:

                    Friday afternoons at Save-On Plaza, Sidney 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm & 2-30 pm – 4-15 pm

Saturday mornings at Saanich Fairgrounds Outdoor Market 8-30 am – 10-30 am & 10-30 am – 1-15 pm

Three people per shift will be needed.  These time periods include time for setting up and taking down: on this note Iris had sincere thanks to Ted for all his willing help over the years.

2nd Vice President – No report.  Jean Manville was also busy at All Care this morning.

Treasurer – No report.  Kathy Carter was preparing to be one of our models after lunch. The May 31 Treasurer’s report to the Executive shows that there is a total of $206,142.36 in our accounts.

Crafty Crew – Deputy Convenor Ruth Scott, for Gwen Cutt who was away, gave figures of $1,675 worth of goods donated to the gift shop in May; and a total of $834 of hand-crafted items sold.  Ruth also had heartfelt thanks to all the auxiliary members who baked and helped prep and serve food at the service for Dale’s son on Saturday.

Gift Shop – Deputy Convenor Linda Thomson read out Pauline’s report.  The gift shop achieved its second total over $17,000 in May, and $10,000 will be donated to the auxiliary. The annual gift shop meeting was held May 23: the minutes from this have been emailed out. Pauline also mentioned the need for a second to help Nancy McDuffe when the time comes. New member Sandy McKelvie will begin training, and Gwen Perry has retired.  Veronica Cross will be the new Milk Monitor. The Fathers’ Day gift basket raffle (the basket is on the table outside the shop) will be held on Friday June 14.  The basket is worth $300 and contains a copy of Nancy McDuffe’s husband’s cookbook.

Publicity / Public Relations – Donna Salter did not give an official report but did encourage people to look at Seaside Magazine in July when they will publish Donna’s account of our 1st 45 years, together with a couple of photos. Donna also mentioned that she managed to obtain some hardly-used-at-all items from Canadian Tire which were being disposed of.  These are now safely stored in the lock up and include Christmas lights and pre-lit trees; trampolines; tents; and many other items.  These will be very profitable at our next garage sale.

Ways and Means – Janie Scott said that our Smile Cards for 2019-20 have finally been approved after a rather long delay.  Janie mentioned everyone to remember to sign up for shifts selling raffle tickets – we will be called at home where we have our calendars!  Janie also gave a huge thank-you to Ted for all his past help with the tent to shelter us, and we learned that Kay Dube and Loretta Fraser were the champion ticket sellers in 2018!

Membership – Linda Thomson took attendance in the absence of Ann Mitchell.  27 members were present at the meeting, and so we had a quorum of our membership and would be able to vote on several motions.

Old Business – The vote on moving the bake sale to Thanksgiving will be postponed until after the summer.

New Business – Pauline read out wish-lists from the following departments, and motions were moved to approve spending of the following items.  Please note that specific itemized details and prices are on the attached emails from the departments concerned.


20 Vocera Communication Badges with clips plus a battery and charger for a total of $16,123.68.Moved Donna SalterSecond Janie ScottAPPROVED

Digital Clock; 5 Ambu Bags; Ring Cutter for titanium; 5 Temporal Thermometers for a total of $4,660.00.Moved Ruth ScottSecond Betty ReadyAPPROVED

Ice Machine, 2 “nurses on a stick”; Pulse Oximeter; 5 stretcher mattresses; siderail pads for stretcher, for a total of $18,986.00.Moved Shirley BolgerSecond Nancy McDuffeAPPROVED

GULF ISLANDS LAB OUTREACH  – (Gulf Islands Residents are patients of SPH since their samples taken at the Islands’ Clinics are transported to SPH lab for processing.  The samples need to be spun and separated by a centrifuge before transportation.)

Two portable centrifuges for a total of approximately $4,000.Moved Kay DubeSecond Loretta FraserAPPROVED


Surgical instruments and equipment for the following specialitiesPaediatric Dental ProgramPlastic Surgery Breast Cancer CareSinus Surgery and OpthoplasticsOrthopaedic CareFor a total of $27,124.40Moved Sally TurnerSecond Ruth ScottAPPROVED


One extra item requested, a Hovermat plus one Hovermat jack (a Hovermat is for moving patients and can be attached to the crash cart). An exact price was not available, but the two items together would total between $2,000-$3,000.  It was decided that the auxiliary had the available funds.Moved Ruth ScottSecond Nancy McDuffeAPPROVED


A staff room for staff breaks, including a fridge, tv and furniture.  This area is desperately needed but detailed pricing was not available.  It was decided to donate $5,000.00.Moved Linda ThomsonSecond Sally TurnerAPPROVED

The meeting was adjourned at 10:51 a.m.

Ted announced that the 50/50 draw was worth $24.50 and it was won by Nancy McDuffe.

Shelagh’s joke: detailed a student’s answer to a question in an advanced biology class in Scotland on the benefits of Mother’s Milk.  Presumably the student was male and let us hope he got good marks for it, although we remain undecided as to whether the Scottish location was significant!


          Notes from the 45th Anniversary Spring Lunch for the benefit of those not able to attend and for those of us who did but will have forgotten by September:

          54 members and guests enjoyed good food and good company at All Care.  After the lunch, five auxiliary members modelled 10 cute and colourful, and well-priced, spring/summer fashions from Suzanne and Jenny’s in Sidney.  Well done Kathy Carter, Virginia Slayton, Iris Fowler, Patricia Stockdill and Linda Parry!

          Dr Ambrose Marsh attended, and entertained us by “modelling” his shorts and socks.  He mentioned his own 40 years in Medicine and Maureen’s 30 years at the hospital.  Dr Marsh sincerely thanked the auxiliary for not just raising funds but adding energy and community spirit to the hospital.  He then assisted Anni Jakubowski to draw for the door prizes.

          Many thanks, and congratulations, to the 45th Anniversary Organizing Committee of Jean Manville, Anni Jakubowski, Rhondda Snowdon and Shelagh Bell.                                                                                                                              -Ve



The meeting was arranged to discuss the current needs of the hospital, and the best ways the Auxiliary could help fund some of these needs. For information purposes, Jean provided Jess with a list of all the items the Auxiliary has bought during the last 45 years.

Jess explained that items costing over $5,000 need to go through an extensive approval process via Island Health, which usually takes about two years from first applying (this is the case no matter who is funding the item). The hospital needs to provide risk assessment and budget analysis, etc. Jess did note that extenuating circumstances may apply when expensive items can be fast-tracked, such as an urgent and serious infectious outbreak (past example Ebola).

Island Health prioritize all such purchase requests submitted to them (i.e. from all the hospitals). Some requests are kept on the list for further scrutiny, other items may “fall off the list”. Infrastructure, such as generators, is always the first priority.

However if an item costs under $5,000 no approval is needed to purchase the item. (Multiple items can be purchased at the same time only if the total is under $5,000 no matter how small the cost of each item).

Jean emphasized that we are able to write cheques instantly and this may be the area in which the Auxiliary can offer the best funding assistance (ie less expensive items under $5,000 needed quickly).

Specific items on the hospital wish list were not discussed in too much detail, as it was more a primary discussion on the method of funding.

However the following were mentioned by Jess and Carolyn:
• More commodes for ER – one per patient per visit is needed for infection control – these are under $5,000 each;
• More mattress covers – costing approximately $1,000 each – which wear out quickly due to the necessary heavy cleaning (the mattresses which they protect cost $10,000 each).

Ideas mentioned from the Auxiliary were:
• More Sara Stedy lifts;
• A redo of the acute care staff room which is very neglected. There was discussion of the possible new furniture which needs to be wipe-clean as per hospital regulations. Jean will liaise with a volunteer from the ward staff to question what they would like to see in their break room.

Jean Manville had also quickly talked with the lab about their wish list which we mentioned:
• Screening curtains;
• An electronic patient numbering system (a “JX Board”) to call patients in turn;
• New centrifuge – the old one is heating up;
• Also new signage, flooring, cabinet, recliner.

Jess suggested communication meetings perhaps every 2 months, for everyone to keep in touch, next time including a tour of the whole site to show us the space constraints.

In discussion after the meeting, another idea floated was a coffee machine for the ER waiting area: currently there are no hot drinks available in the hospital when both the cafeteria and the gift shop are closed, which happens frequently.


Gift Shop Annual Meeting: Held at 1 pm, Thursday, 23rd May 2019 in Lecture Room at Saanich Peninsula Hospital.

Introduction: The meeting commenced with 20 members present. The volunteers introduced themselves, who they worked with and the days they worked.

Treasurer: Linda Snelling reminded members to refer to the recently updated white binder when necessary. She asked that care be taken when filling out the cash envelope. The amount of money inside be the same as the amount written on the outside. Ensure $100 float is left in the till for the next shift and place all remaining cash (regardless of what the printed till receipt shows) inside the designated shop envelope. Also, if required, to have the customer sign the credit slip (this occurs on first usage of a credit card and, on occasion, when the buyer is from outside BC). When making a void entry on the till, please put the void receipts in the envelope with the other print outs.

Spare List: Each member received an up to date list. Extra copies have been left in the staff room.

Crafty Crew: Gwen Cutt introduced the new scubbies for sale in the gift shop. She thanked members for replacing C.C. goods when sold. She reminded members that if they had any suggestions for new items, that they be added to their page in the “Needs” Binder, which is regularly checked. Concerning donations, where possible, the name and phone number of the donor be written down and attached to the items, so a thank you call can be made. Large amounts should be taken to the library room in order to keep the staff room clutter free and prevent notes attached to bags from becoming dislodged. C.C. members will then take out a number of items to see if they are suitable to sell in the shop. Remaining donations will be stored, pending how they sell and, with the approval of the donor, passed onto other charities.

Exchanges/Refunds. No change to the current policy, which is detailed in the white binder and on the staff notice board.

Display/Raffles: Lorna Meikle continues to maintain the display cases. Please replace like for like, and try not to “over’” display. It was suggested that a larger sign be placed in the display case to say that items could be purchased at the gift shop. Donna Salter will make the sign.
Tickets for raffle baskets will now be on sale, in the shop, two weeks in advance of the draw date. The baskets will be displayed on a small table that can be placed outside the shop during open hours.

Other Business: On stat. holidays the shop will remain open from 2 to 4 p.m. The exceptions being Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. A sign will be placed in Emergency giving info about the shop hours and holiday closures.

A request was made that the “Hold Item” form be completed correctly. No put-away date is being shown therefore volunteers are unable to check how long items have been there. Also, where possible, show a “pick up” date.

Thanks where made for those attending and the meeting adjourned at 2 p.m.

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