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The years 1971 to 1973 were momentous ones.  The interim board of the newly created Saanich Peninsula Hospital Society (with representation from Rest Haven Hospital Board), through monthly board and Committee meetings, carried out the extensive and intensive planning, organization and reorganization, reconciliation and compromise contingent upon government regulations codes and budgets compatible with community interests.

It is noteworthy that the Saanich Peninsula Auxiliary had already held its first regular meeting one month previous to the opening of the new Hospital on February 8, 1974.   Of special interest, Mrs. Nell Horth, alternative member of the Capital Regional Hospital Board, and Mrs. Effie Evans, member of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Interim Board, were very active participants in the developmental phases mentioned.  Both ‘survived’ this experience to become founders of the Auxiliary. 

First Decade Book, Part II – Produced by Auxiliary Historian, Mrs. Bessie W. Snider

The Auxiliary to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Past Presidents

1974-1975 Rose Ruse           1976-1977 Margaret Tangye
1978-1979 Cathie Rasmussen        1980-1981 Melissa Hernblad
1982 Pat Lovick            1983-1984 Velma Ryder
1985-1986 Kay Gardner 1987 Marney Roe
1988-1989 Joyce Gourdine 1989-1990 Lucy Ditlevson
1990-1992 Lucy Ditlevson 1992-1994 Joan Marsh
1994-1996 Edith Struthers 1996-1998 Sharon Perron
1998-2000 Enid Burns 2000-2002 Shelagh Bell
2002-2004 Jean Daniels 2004-2006 Denny Anderson
2006-2008 Joan Marsh 2008-2010 MaryAnn Romeril
2010-2012 Linda Snelling 2012-2014 Janie Scott
2014-2016 Donna Salter 2016-2018 Anni Jakubowski
2019-2021 Jean Van Wyk